Inside the Impact: Wheatley Elementary Prepares to Take the Stage!

The next stop for Wheatley was the recording studio! The Young Prodigy’s went to the studio to record their song, California Love after school. They were so excited. The students faces lit up when they arrived at Bisig Impact Group to record.  On the way to the studio, the kids were singing their song, preparing to be put in front of the mic. The producers name was Aaron Frisbee, he was so helpful because he helped them articulate their words and really punctuate what they wanted to say within the song.

They noticed that the producer was using an Ableton Push unit, just like the one they have in their classroom. Once they went into the studio, they were taking turns doing the hook. Students could hear their voices inside the headphones. This was a new experience for them. Each member of the Young Prodigy’s went into the studio one at a time to record their part.

When Kareem did his part, he was so nervous because it was his first time in a studio recording a song but Aaron assured him that he could do it, and he did!

The Young Prodigies worked hard on the song and in the studio and their hard work paid off! Now that the song is recorded, they are just as excited to attend their first WE Day and perform California Love!